Medical Tourism

All Medlounges clients are well attended to and even the minor of their needs are our priority. Medlounges International Client Care System (MICCS)
offers customized end to end services as per client’s unique requirements. In association with Magi. Holiday International

Hair Transplantation Clinic in Thiruvalla
Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kochi

Door to Door Services

For the ease of discerning the quality of our service, we have arranged whole process into segments such as

Before arrival

  • As soon as your query is received, Medlounges assigns a well-qualified coordinator for you.
  • The coordinator discuss various medical and health plans, treatment packages and therapies you can avail of.
  • The coordinate transfer the past and present medical records and diagnosis.
  • They also will coordinates the communication between you and the medical team.
  • Discusses the options available, the cost of treatments, travel (air & ground) {external link to: magi. Holiday}, accommodation etc.
  • Assigns the expert medical team and schedules the date of treatment for clients.

Visa & Ticketing

  • Medlounges assists you with the visa process {external link to: magi. Holiday} (Tour/ Medical/e-Visa), registration with FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office), and also provides information on foreign exchange and insurance cover.
  • Our coordinator will provide you detailed itinerary with confirmed airline tickets, doctor consultation schedules, treatment plan, choice of hotels and your holiday in India.
  • Medlounges has its own accommodation facility ranging from Deluxe, Suite and Economy. We have also tied-up with India’s best hotels and resorts. In short, your accommodation is well taken care of.

Arrival , Stay & Treatment

  • Medlounges will arrange pick up from the airport. {Ambulance if needed}.
  • We will provide you a local sim card for ease of communication.
  • A language interpreter will be provided if required.
  • We will assist you with registration, doctor appointments and facilitate treatment plans.
  • The case coordinator will be the point of contact for any queries and assistance.
  • Your room will be provided with multi cuisine food, international publications and internet.
  • Accommodation of family/companions will be taken care of.
  • Hotel, hospital and other related transfers will be taken care of.
  • We will accompany you as member of your family to meet every one of your needs to your utmost satisfaction.

After treatment

The team at Medlounges is as concerned about comfortable convalescence as the treatment itself therefore all assistance with future appointment and medical follow up will be meticulously planned and handed to you. A unique facility of post treatment care can be availed of as well.

Holidays & Return

Medlounges would go to any ends to make your stay in India a memorable one. Sight-seeing trips will be arranged for you and family at some of India’s finest destinations. Our travel partner, Magi Holidays {external link}; a premium Holiday brand that provides all travel related services across the four continents is committed to give you a uniquely personal experience. Pledging uncompromising quality standards, we leave no stones unturned to give you a prompt, efficient & quality services.

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