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At Medlounges, we follow the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, a method that is minimally invasive. FUE method for hair transplantation is used to harvest and transplant hair from the donor site, which is then replanted into the affected areas of the scalp. This process of hair transplantation works best in males who show symptoms of male pattern baldness and alopecia. At Medlounges, proper care for the patient is the first priority and our medical panel follows a well-structured code of ethics upholding discipline as well as ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the patient at all times. Our patients always feel looked after and very much at home before, during and after the procedures are done with.

FUE & PRP Procedures

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Dr Joseph Thomas

Dr . Joseph Thomas, the Medical Director and Founder of Medlounges. He is an aesthetic physician with a keen eye for facial aesthetics, body sculpting, personalized skin and hair care programmes that have taken him to the forefront in the field of clinical cosmetology and -aesthetic medicine. His Fellowship training was under Dr. Rajesh Vasu, the Head of Department & Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Institute of Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Continental Hospitals. Dr. Joseph, always interested about minimally invasive methods of enhancing the dormant beauty within each individual founded Medlounges with a vision to bring out the inner beauty within each person and is now providing premium services in clinical cosmetology and aesthetic medicine at his centres in Cochin and Thiruvalla in Kerala. He was personally trained by Dr. Konika Schallen MD, currently serves as the Medical Director of the Syneron Candela Institute for Excellence in Boston, USA.

Dr. Joseph is also one of the most sought after aesthetic physicians by celebrities and models who trust their beauty with him completely. Dr Joseph is a regular at state of the art international conferences on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, as well as advanced anatomy workshops, and master-classes in Botox and fillers, keeping abreast of the rapid advances in these specialty fields so as to ensure he can keep giving his clients the best of what science and modern medicine can offer. Dr. Joseph did his advanced injectables with Dr. Maria Angelo Khattar, M.D., Ph.D. Clinical Training Director of Institute of Medical Aesthetics, Dubai, UAE. Morover ,Dr Joseph is also a prestigious Member of American Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine.

Dr. Thajness K S

After completing MBBS from Govt Medical College, Calicut, Dr. Tajnees due to her immense interest in Aesthetic Medicine underwent training in Hair Transplant Surgery from Pune. She has been doing Hair Transplant surgeries for around 5 years now and has to her credit 1000+ Successfull hair transplant surgeries. She took her Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine from Apollo Hospital Hyderabad. Over the past few years she has boosted the confidence of hundreds of people suffering from hair loss and baldness.

  • I had some inhibitions towards hair fixing as it is justa sophisticated wig and was worried if I could ever caress my own wavy hair ever. Dr. Joseph and his team at Medlounges is really gifted as it never left that I went through a minimally invasive process and could get my hair back in no time. Just one day procedure and its all done. Was very impressed with the ambience, the jovial and cozy staff, highly skilled doctors and the erudite machineries; the combo that I have never come across in any hair transplantation clinics that I have been. Highly recommended.

    Adv Mathew Cherian, Thiruvalla

  • Though being a doctor by profession, I had very little knowledge in cosmetology and the updates in the field, but had a serious issue of Alopecia, which was making me bald, and was unable to prevent. It went to a stage where my researches always ended up with hair fixing as the final solution, which I was against. Then I researched about FUE and tried figuring out the best service providers in the city. It was accidental but fortunate that I got to know about Medlounges and their genuine suggestions were credible enough, to decide to go with them. First phase was PRP to control the hair fall and then FUE was executed. It was just a perfect balance and I retained and regrown my hair. Very much contented with their knowledge and service.

    Dr. Alex Meleveedu, Kochi

Frequently Asked Questions on FUE Hair Transplantation

How does it work?

After giving the patient local anaesthesia, 1 to 4 hairs are removed from individual follicles using a micro surgical extraction instrument of 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm diameter. The surgeon then using special micro surgical needles, punctures the scalp area where the grafting would be done. Following a natural hair pattern, the surgeons then graft the hair at an angle and density that matches with the patient’s real hair so that the natural look is maintained.

How long does the hair transplant procedure take?

The FUE hair transplant sessions can be undertaken either in several small sessions or a single long session. Though the time consumed is more than a strip surgery, there are no scars left behind like the strip surgery does. The time consumed for an FUE hair transplant procedure usually depends on how many grafts are needed. For long procedures where around 2500 to 3000 grafts are required, the session can last well over two days whereas if the grafts required are less, say below 500 grafts, the procedure will be over in a couple of hours.

How long is the recovery time needed?

Since the FUE procedure of hair transplantation is different from strip surgery and it does not require large areas of the scalp to be harvested, there is no incision on the scalp. There are only small puncture scars which are close to non-existent since there are only small puncture scars. There is close to zero surgical pain or discomfort owing to which the recovery time is less than 7 days in almost all the cases.

How long do results of the FUE hair transplant methods last?

The results of FUE are permanent and the hair will grow back after the transplanted hair falls off after a week or so.


Advantages of
Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Scars are close to being invisible
  • Minimal pain after your procedure
  • Less time required for recovery and return to daily life
  • Gives natural looking hairline
  • Chances of complications are reduced to a great extent

Disadvantages of
Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Larger donor area
  • The donor area must be shaved
  • Grafts are more fragile
  • Since the micro surgical devices used for grafting cannot see through the skin to locate the hair bulb, some hairs may be lost due to transection or cutting off just above the bulb level.
  • Slightly more expensive since the technology used is cutting edge and is of a minimally invasive nature.

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