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A comprehensive premium family health clinic that offers multiple,
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Health & Wellness

Medlounges is a family health clinic of international standards that offer multiple, allied and complementary health programmes keeping in mind the uniqueness of every patient to offer optimum health and wellness care.


The ayurvedic treatment aims at discovering the body’s constitution and imbalances.

Cosmetic Treatments

The cosmetic treatment fine-tunes the body by restoring its natural beauty and youthfulness.

Fitness Center

The body gets fit and fine with various fitness training and activities.

Dental Department

The smile gets better and beautiful with efficacious dental treatments.

Ophthalmology Department

Opthalmology treatments guarantee a clear vision with the best care for the eyes.

Wisdom Lounge

Geriatrics aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

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Best hair transplantation Center in Kochi

Medical Tourism

People travel across the countries to receive medical care that is equivalent to or greater than the care they could have in their own country. Medlounges International Client Care System (MICCS) offers customized end to end services as per the client’s unique requirements.

Best hair transplant in Kochi
Hair Transplantation Centre in kochi

The Restaurant

A healthy diet is mandatory for a healthy day. Hence we have a restaurant with a resplendent atmosphere that serves quality food to keep you active all day.


I had some inhibitions towards hair fixing as it is justa sophisticated wig and was worried if I could ever caress my own wavy hair ever. Dr. Joseph and his team at Medlounges is really gifted as it never left that I went through a minimally invasive process and could get my hair back in no time. Just one day procedure and its all done.

Adv Mathew Cherian, Thiruvalla

Though being a doctor by profession, I had very little knowledge in cosmetology and the updates in the field, but had a serious issue of Alopecia, which was making me bald, and was unable to prevent. It went to a stage where my researches always ended up with hair fixing as the final solution, which I was against. Then I researched about FUE and tried figuring out the best service providers in the city.

Dr. Alex Meleveedu

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